About Us

About Us

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Welcome to Cabin Creek…from the McMullen Family!

Ben and Dee have lived in Lindale, Texas since building their home in 2004.  They have 4 children.  Dale and Carol live is Newton, Ks.  Dan and his wife Tina live here in Lindale on the property.  Dean and Kelly live in Grand Saline, Tx. and Darla and Tommy live in Paris, TX.  They have 14 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchild.

In 1999, Ben and Dee purchased some investment property in hopes that someday they could build their retirement home.  With the help of their daughter, they were told about 50 acres in Lindale, Texas.  As they were trying to locate the rural property, they got a little lost and came across a 71 acre plot of land for sale.  They climbed over the old fence and cautiously made their way about 20 yards through vines and wild plum trees to a small opening.  Looking  around, they found themselves on a hill where they had a clear view from all directions.  It was beautiful and it felt  ‘right’.  At that moment they agreed,  “This is it”.

Later, they were told by the Parm Family that this property had been the Parm Family Homestead and that the Parm’s were the original owners of the property when Texas joined the Union in 1845 as the 28th State.  In 1979, a gentleman from Garland, Texas purchased the land from the Parms’ decendents and Ben and Dee purchased it from him in 1999.   Ben and Dee are the third owners of this property since Texas joined the Union.  The land was used as farmland to raise cattle and crops and later it was used to grow roses.  There are still some of those roses on the land today.

At a family gathering there was a discussion of things Ben could do in his spare time and one son suggested that he build a cabin on the land.  Children, grandchildren, friends and others could have a nice, private place to stay when they are in the area.  Needless to say Ben liked the idea and here we are today.

Ben and Dee are retired from teaching special needs students. They both want to stay close to home and greet the people who stay in the cabins.  They take special pride in keeping the cabins and grounds clean and well taken care of.

Texas Rose Horse Park (adjacent to Cabin Creek) has a very busy calendar and many of their guests have found Cabin Creek to be a very nice and convenient place to relax after a full day of competition.  There are many area attractions and reasons to seek fine lodging in and around Lindale and Tyler.

Give us a call to see if we have a vacancy or to book your cabin in advance. We look forward to getting acquainted. And, after you’ve stayed, please comment to help communicate to others what a great place this is to stay!

Physical Address:
14231 CR 438
Lindale, TX 75771

8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. My fiancé proposed to me while we were staying at the Cedar Loft Cabin. I love these cabins and the atmosphere there! We are now planning our wedding and all I can think is how beautiful it would be to come back to have a wedding and rent the Lodge at Cabin Creek for our “reception” and for our family to stay while visiting. Do y’all allow small weddings or receptions on your property?

  2. Would love to rent the home place cabin for next Friday and Saturday night if available. April 24 – 26th.

    1. The cabins can be rented by the week with a discount applied when there is availability. And yes, pets are permitted.

      Thank you.

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